Parquet Laminate

Laminate flooring indeed has completely changed the approach a designer sees the floors of a house. This has actually made it possible for living spaces to be created within a restricted base that is only possible by a designer. Simply put, Laminate flooring is said to be a photographic impression that is imposed on various base layers and later cut into several boards of regular size that lock together, by using or not using adhesive in it. 


ter Hürne Parquet Laminate

The name of terHürne is a synonym for fascinating, high-quality floors. terHürne expresses the sense of uniqueness of life with its selection of naturally grown woods and laminates. For 50 years terHürne has stood for commitment and passion handling wood materials and has established itself as a market leader both nationally and internationally in the industry.

ARTFLOOR Parquet Laminate

Laminated Flooring is produced as a complete flooring system at worldwide standards with the AC3 and AC4 options. With rich colors and a variety of designs ARTFLOOR CLICK laminated Flooring transfers the naturalness of wood into your special indoor areas.                                                                                                                     

WESEN parquet laminate

It is really remarkable how laminate flooring as a type of economical decoration materials strides into our daily house flooring projects in the recent 10 years. Parquet laminate flooring is a premier type of laminate flooring which also possesses general laminate advantages such as high wearing resistance, water resistance, and anti-scratches. One of the most famous brands in this field is WESEN which meets all these qualities at the same time.Since 2005, WESEN has grown to become the global leader in the design and manufacture of parquet laminate and accessories. Laminate flooring has a lot of fans today