About Us

List of the Staff

Managing Director: Mr. Khalil Fazelimehr
Office Manager: Ms. Marjan Khalesi
Consultant: Mehdi Movahedi

Policy & Organizational Values

The Policy and Organizational Values Elindecor is acting as a specialist in the field of interior design. This company has been following special guidelines to achieve its goals which are mainly improving the customers’ level of satisfaction.

The Goals and Approaches

Our business ideology and identification is based on the quality. We think great and our ideology will never be affected by temporary benefits. One of the factors that affect the quality of life is housing. Therefore, it seems to be necessary to meet the needs vercome the shortcomings...

Company Introduction

Since a long time ago, wood products have attracted people’s attentions all around the world. Nowadays, people are really interested in interior design industry which has developed remarkably. One of the most loved wood products is parquet-laminate which is very famous because of ...